4 June 2024

A session dedicated to technological entrepreneurship in medicine will be held as part of the Healthy Life ecosystem business programme at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. The Forum will take place in St. Petersburg on 5–8 June 2024 at the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Center.

Technological sovereignty is a key aspect of economic development and national security. To achieve the necessary benchmarks, skilled professionals capable of creating and implementing advanced technologies in biomedicine are required. How can the training of such specialists be ensured? Education in sciences, leadership, and entrepreneurship must become an integral part of university curriculum. This will not only help future specialists develop a culture of scientific thinking and ambition but also provide young scientists with the necessary skills to implement their own projects and ideas.

“Firstly, unique high-tech projects created and developed by research groups in universities need support from businesses and investors, including piloting and implementation. On the other hand, to ensure these unique projects are not lost, an entrepreneur must be included in the project team who can bring the project to fruition and further promote the startup in clinics. During the session, we will address the issues surrounding the emergence of new high-tech startups in medicine, discuss the importance of synergy between science and business, and attempt to answer what initiatives should be launched today so that high-quality high-tech startups emerge in Russia tomorrow,” said session moderator Kamila Zarubina, Acting Vice President, Executive Director of the Cluster of Biological and Medical Technologies, Skolkovo Foundation.

The importance of collaboration between universities, philanthropists, development institutions, venture funds, and business communities is also becoming increasingly evident. Such synergy enables the pooling of efforts to prepare students and young scientists for the real challenges of the market economy, supports the development of startups and companies, and contributes to the creation of an innovative ecosystem.

The session will discuss topics such as existing practices for developing youth technological entrepreneurship and their evolution, the entrepreneurial competencies and skills students and young scientists should possess, and how a modern system of creation in the technological world should function to utilize existing resources most effectively for creating new technologies.

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